What is Octyne?

Octyne is a healthcare + technology network and services platform comprised of top professionals, from executives, marketers, physicians, genetic counselors, to scientists and engineers that are experts in their domains.

Octyne Experts

Our global network of experts include C-Level executives, scientists, physicians, genetic counselors, engineers, academics, software developers, marketers and business development professionals.

Octyne Clients

Any institution can be an Octyne™ client: from private startups, investment firms, biotech and pharma, to fortune 500 companies.

Multi-Domain Consultancy

Prior to Octyne, no network was able to serve as a “Swiss Army Knife” for quality outsourced projects across the tech startup, genomics, diagnostics, biotech and pharma worlds.


With over 20,000 technology and life science colleagues, Octyne™ can quickly find the expertise for mission critical projects.