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[mk_icon_box icon=”mk-li-net” title=”Quality + Experience” text_size=”23″ style=”simple_ultimate” icon_size=”medium” icon_color=”#ed8823″ title_color=”#ed8823″ txt_link_color=”#d3fffc” margin=”20″ animation=”scale-up” box_blur=”false”]We have a vast network of industry experts that’s constantly growing. If you’re one of the following, apply today.

  • An executive looking for exciting, diverse opportunities
  • Marketing guru looking to work with multiple companies
  • Physician, genetic counselor or healthcare professional
  • Scientist or engineer with deep knowledge in your domain
  • Master of big data, bio- or clinical informatics
  • A technology rockstar looking for new challenges

[/mk_icon_box][mk_icon_box icon=”mk-li-settings” title=”Effective Teams” text_size=”23″ style=”simple_ultimate” icon_size=”medium” icon_color=”#02a1e5″ title_color=”#02a1e5″ txt_link_color=”#000000″ margin=”20″ animation=”scale-up” box_blur=”false”]Streamlining business requests and activities allows Octyne consultants to execute projects faster. With our ultra-connected network, we can assemble a team of specialists for any project, saving our clients time and money.[/mk_icon_box]

[mk_icon_box icon=”mk-moon-spinner-10″ title=”Income Preservation” text_size=”23″ style=”simple_ultimate” icon_size=”medium” icon_color=”#ed8823″ title_color=”#ed8823″ txt_link_color=”#d3fffc” animation=”scale-up” box_blur=”false”]Maybe you’re in an executive management job now, but unforeseen events such as layoffs or division closures can quickly lead to financial challenges. Octyne makes it easy for in-demand professionals to land on their feet, with a strong brand behind them. The Octyne network helps you find challenging consulting projects, and can even help you transition into your next permanent position.[/mk_icon_box][mk_icon_box icon=”mk-icon-pie-chart” title=”Projects with Benefits” text_size=”23″ style=”simple_ultimate” icon_size=”medium” icon_color=”#36004f” title_color=”#36004f” txt_link_color=”#81d742″ margin=”20″ animation=”scale-up” box_blur=”false”]At Octyne, we take care of the business front & back end, so our consultants can get to the work they love. We provide them with a corporate identity, help identify and negotiate projects, and handle time-consuming billing and receivables for improved efficiency.[/mk_icon_box]
[mk_icon_box icon=”mk-li-pencil” title=”Consultant Application” text_size=”23″ read_more_txt=”Apply Today” read_more_url=”” style=”boxed” icon_color=”#6dd102″ icon_circle_color=”#ffffff” icon_circle_border_color=”#6dd102″ title_color=”#6dd102″ txt_link_color=”#000000″ margin=”25″ animation=”scale-up” box_blur=”false”]Intrigued? Submit your application today and we’ll schedule an interview. Our domain experts are selected by education, personal reputation and industry experience. This enables the Octyne network to stay in sync with the needs of our clients.[/mk_icon_box]