Creative & Tactical Marketing

At Octyne, we understand your technospeak. Whether you need to express complex ideas (quantitative genetic traits, dynamic programming tracebacks, Cmax related off-target effects) or simple concepts (“Our tools are faster and offer better quality results”), we can design eye catching, differentiating creative work.

  • Web sites / microsites / user communities
  • Sales collateral, print ads
  • Investment Pitch Decks
  • Event Booth and Materials

With our technology and management backgrounds, explaining your sophisticated products is more like a quick Vulcan mind-meld than a Frankenstein-brain transplant, as it can be with agencies outside your science. Contact us to talk technology and benefits. We’ll turn around high quality creative work quicker than general purpose agencies can say “linkage disequilibrium”.

Illustrating Science
Illustrating Science
Cartoon showing degradation of hydrogel depot for long-acting drug release. No stock imagery.
Octyne capabilities word cloud
Localized drug delivery strategy leveraging phagocytic cells to attack cancer at typical metastatic sites.
Long acting injectable (LAI) formulation benefits for pharmaceutical partners
presentation slide using personal photography of gel depot forming in aqueous environment.
In house photography of hydrogel depot solidifying in an aqueous environment.
Banner for personalized medicine / precision oncology client.
Banner for personalized medicine / precision oncology client
Is that a space station or an HPLC? Either way, they must be doing rocket science!
Schizophrenia metaphor image for biotech [Open image in new window to view animation]